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Josh Morgan Reportedly Set To Sign With Redskins, 49ers Getting Worse At WR

Coming just after the Washington Redskins took Pierre Garcon off the free agent market (potentially with a ridiculously high salary), they're making headlines again in the wide receiver market. As is the case with anything having to do with a wide receiver, it's going to affect the San Francisco 49ers, as they're definitely in the market for another receiving target, despite the signing of Randy Moss.

Adam Schefter is reporting, via Twitter, that the Redskins are close to signing Josh Morgan, who has only played for the 49ers up to this point. So, obviously it's going to have more of an effect on the 49ers than the Garcon signing. No word yet on whether or not it's a done deal or the money involved, but many figured Morgan would re-sign with the 49ers.

San Francisco certainly made it known that they were planning to bring Morgan back. It's going to be odd to see him in another uniform, but more than that, the 49ers now have VERY limited options at wide receiver, with Michael Crabtree and Kyle Williams being the only guys under contract (along with the aforementioned Moss).

Morgan is from the area, so it makes sense that he's going back to Washington. In the scope of an hour, the Redskins have drastically improved at wide receiver with a new quarterback coming in the 2012 NFL draft by all accounts, and the 49ers have done nothing but sign a guy who might still possibly maybe kind of/sort of run a streak route in Moss.

Let's see where this goes!