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Pierre Garcon Signing With Redskins, 49ers' WR Options Shrink In Free Agency

Free agency is here, and the San Francisco 49ers are going to be on the phone all day and night, according to Jed York. Apparently, they're a bit slower with the phones (or perhaps with pre-deadline tampering) as multiple deals are getting done across the league. The most pertinent deals in regards to the 49ers are those relating to the wide receiver market.

The first one off the presses is a big one, and announced by the player himself before us salty media types could get our precious Tweets out: Pierre Garcon took to Facebook and Twitter to announce that he'll be signing with the Washington Redskins. There's no information regarding his pay, but Bleeding Green Nation did Tweet that it was at $8 million per.

Right now we're unsure if that's just a dig at the Redskins and Daniel Snyder or an actual figure - but it seems out of this world. Again, that's out of this world in regards to all sane teams but par the course for the Redskins. That number seems really high and if it sets the tone for this free agency period, the 49ers really could be in trouble in regards to actually getting someone under contract. As it stands now they really only have Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss.

Neither of those two names inspire a whole lot of confidence. There are still other guys on the market, like Vincent Jackson and the 49ers' own Josh Morgan, but those guys could all have potential deals elsewhere. We'll wait on something official. For now, Garcon is off the market, potentially at a somewhat ridiculous cost.