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Perrish Cox Contract: 49ers Get Cornerback For Minimum Salary

Earlier today, the San Francisco 49ers announced the signing of free agent cornerback Perrish Cox to a two year contract. The talented but recently troubled cornerback was out of the league in 2011 as he dealt with a sexual assault charge and his new contract shows that he is simply looking to get back into the league and prove himself. Reports indicate the contract is for the league minimum both years.

The only real question mark surrounding Cox's talent was a slow 40-yard dash prior to the 2010 NFL Draft. However, as Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft points out, Cox has generally appeared to play faster than his 4.6 40-time would indicate. He is not a big guy, but he has the ability to play very physical, which can help him against the sizable wide receivers in the NFL.

For the 49ers, the deal represents a low risk, high potential opportunity. If Cox struggles on or off the field they can release him at minimal cost. If Cox shows he has turned over a new leaf and becomes a strong player, it could be quite the coup for the team.