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Randy Moss Is A Niner, So What's Next?

Now that Randy Moss is in town, what does that mean for the San Francisco 49ers? What changes? Or does anything change at all? As with the reaction to the surprising signing of the briefly retired future Hall of Fame receiver, the future is just as interesting and unpredictable. asked the questions, ‘does Moss have anything left in the tank?', ‘who will throw him the football?' and ‘how will Jim Harbaugh adjust for Moss' abilities?' even took it as far as calling Moss the ‘new Braylon Edwards', after the failed marriage between Edwards and the Niners ended before the playoffs last season.

It is all relevant. Moss didn't finish his last season in 2010 strong and is 35-years-old. Alex Smith is still working on a contract with the Niners but who knows if he'll be able to continue his successful campaign from a year ago. And adding Moss to a run-first, ball control offense has internal conflict written all over it unless the Niners are getting a Moss that just wants to play football.

And that remains to be seen.