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Randy Moss Signing With San Francisco 49ers Reaction

The San Francisco 49ers now have Randy Moss on their team. It could be a big signing for them, or it might just be a big name. It's unclear how crucial the signing will be to the team's hopes of winning, but it's clear Jim Harbaugh believes it's an important signing.

How exactly will it affect the Niners? David Fucillo, our esteemed SB Nation Bay Area editor and Niners Nation expert, provides his thoughts on the new signing.

1. Think Moss will be the #1 option for the 49ers, or just become another face in the crowd?

David: Although we don't have contract details yet, as a one year deal, this is pretty low risk. Given what they learned from Braylon Edwards struggles, I think they will be looking for another significant option. Moss is there to stretch the field and be a deep threat to open up the middle of the field for Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, maybe Joshua Morgan if he re-signs.

2. Based on how the way the 49ers offense runs, will they utilize Moss to open up the passing game, or further reinforce a run-heavy style?

David: They signed Moss to be a deep threat. There have been question marks about his willingness to get into the blocking side of things. You don't sign Randy Moss to reinforce a run-heavy offense. It doesn't mean they're suddenly going to a spread offense, but it provides a deep option for Alex.

3. Will (and should) San Francisco still take a receiver with their first pick?

David: I still think they could, particularly if a young speedster like Stephen Hill drops to them.

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