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San Francisco 49ers, Jim Harbaugh Pick Randy Moss Up From The Airport

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss seems to be well-liked by head coach Jim Harbaugh. How do we know that?

Here are some more quotes about Moss; check out the conference call by clicking here.

  • Moss liked the 49ers upside considering how close they came to the NFC Championship, and it's something he looked at and evaluated. Jim Harbaugh is a young, enthusiastic coach, and Moss loved that enthusiasm.
  • Moss still remains really passionate about football, but he just had some personal issues that cost him from playing last year.
  • Moss doesn't really know Alex Smith that well, but is looking forward to working with everybody.
  • Moss says he didn't discuss a lot about his role. Whatever his role is, he just wants to get out there and be productive.
  • Moss found it intriguing to reach out to the 49ers to come out and give everything he had today. He just wanted to come out and get back to what I do.
  • Moss believes he's here to "play football and stretching the field", meaning the 49ers seem interested in stretching the field with him.
  • Moss likes what he can do for the NFL, doesn't like what the NFL can do for him.
  • Moss signed a one year deal, but he just wants to play football "one day at a time"
  • Moss was asked about Harbaugh's blue collar mentality: "They've done their homework on me otherwise they wouldn't have brought me in there."
  • Moss understands how the sports world shows his reputation and he thinks the 49ers have done their research.

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