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San Francisco 49ers, Randy Moss Agree To One Year Deal

The San Francisco 49ers believe they came up one solid wide receiver short of an NFC championship last year, as the 49ers had to rely almost solely on Vernon Davis to open up the passing attack for Alex Smith in the playoffs. Michael Crabtree was ineffective in that number one receiver role. It seemed like the NFL Draft would be the perfect spot to find that type of player, but San Francisco is also looking like they want at least one quality free agent as well who could make an immediate impact.

Adam Schefter of ESPN files this report.

Moss was a great receiver back in the day, but he will be 35 years old this season and did not play in the league in 2011. In 2010, Moss played for three different football teams (traded from the New England Patriots, waived by the Minnesota Vikings, retiring after finishing the season with the Tennessee Titans), managing only 28 total catches and 393 yards. This could just be a calculated risk by Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke to find a brief talent burst before replenishing the coffers with greater receiver talent.

And if he fails? You cut him and move on.

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