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San Francisco 49ers Ditch Youth Movement, Go Another Way

The San Francisco 49ers have slowly built up a dynamic young team, particularly where their defense is concerned. All of their prospect cultivation paid off last year, when the team made it all the way to the NFC Championship Game. It appears as though the team is exploring a different option for 2012 where the offense is concerned.

Jed York, the CEO of the 49ers, tweeted the following on Sunday:

After putting so much stock in young players for so long, it's a bit surprising that the Niners would go this route. Harbaugh didn't have the best TD-INT ratio during his initial playing years, so it's hard to imagine he'll be much of an improvement over Alex Smith. I guess the 49ers aren't confident they'll be able to lure Smith back before free agency opens up on March 13. As for Moss, he's another player coming out of retirement. (Although not quite as long a retirement as Harbaugh.)

It's certainly an interesting strategy, but these guys are professionals, so I'm sure they know what they're doing. Looking forward to seeing long bombs from Harbaugh to Moss all season long in 2012.

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