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Randy Moss to Workout For 49ers According to Report

A few credible sources including our own Niners Nation have figured out that veteran wideout Randy Moss is looking to make his way back into the NFL once more, allegedly having a workout with the San Francisco 49ers in the next few days.

According to reports Moss is scheduled to fly to the Bay Area on Sunday and workout for the 49ers on Monday, who have seemingly been in need of a deep threat receiver since Jerry Rice became an Oakland Raider. Moss turned 35 last month, noting he wanted to un-retire on his birthday this February.

Moss's pre-madonna tendencies have been part of his career since college, but it seemed to get worse in his last few spots in the league. Well, moreso than previous years I guess you could say (see return to Minnesota, Tennessee Titans). Something tells me that a me-oriented player like Moss is someone that Coach Harbaugh would avoid like the plague, unless there's been some big change of heart over the past year or so.

Personally, I think he's doing this for one reason and one reason only.

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