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NFL Draft Hats 2012: San Francisco 49ers Fans Get Sneak Peek At New Gear

The NFL Draft is always a huge event each season and it provides fans a chance to grab some new gear as well. Everything from t-shifts to new rookie jerseys to hats are released each April and they are always a popular item with the fan base.

New Era released a teaser photo of a few of the 2012 NFL Draft Day hats on Saturday. We have the image for you. You're welcome, friends.


Courtesy of Mocking The Draft.

I personally am not a huge fan of the hats -- and, honestly, they usually disappoint each year -- but at least they aren't snapbacks. I'm sure the 16-year-old high school kids across the country will be upset by this.

There will be more and more of these photos released in the coming days and retailers should start getting in shipments of the hats within a month or so. Will you be picking one up? I'll probably hold off and save myself the $35 dollars.

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