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NFL Mock Draft 2012: San Francisco 49ers Select Janoris Jenkins

The San Francisco 49ers need to figure out what they're going to do with their first round draft pick. No one knows what they'll do quite yet. Wide receiver still remains a big issue, but it's not clear if San Francisco can get a sure thing so late in the first round. They might have to look elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

However, there's a possibility that they might have to lose one of their defenders to free agency because the team will be out of cap space if they sign as much of their team back. Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation has released his latest mock draft, and the 49ers end up taking a cornerback with the 30th pick. The cornerback? One Janoris Jenkins of North Alabama. Van Bibber explains why.

The 49ers might not be able to re-sign Carlos Rogers. After locking down Ahmad Brooks, safety Dashon Goldson looks like the next logical priority. Jenkins is a big risk to take given his checkered past. If they feel like he is ready to move past those issues, the 49ers could get a real steal in Jenkins.

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