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San Francisco 49ers Stadium Update: Santa Clara Ground Lease Approved

The San Francisco 49ers are probably on the move in the very near future. The proposed stadium in Santa Clara seems to be on its way to being built, with just a few more steps needed for things to really get going.

Stephanie Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that one crucial step has been made. The ground lease is in place that secures the ground for a new stadium that will be constructed in Santa Clara.

In another step that solidifies the 49ers' move from San Francisco, a ground lease for the football team's new stadium was approved by the Santa Clara Stadium Authority Tuesday night.

The authority voted 5-2 to approve the first of two parts of a 40-year ground lease, which authorizes use of the site to allow construction to start by July on the 68,500-seat stadium, which will cost a little more than $1 billion and be located next to the Great America theme park.

It's not quite over yet. There's still some part of the lease to approve. Beyond that, there's a need to get naming rights sold to the stadium in order to get the proper sponsorship in place for the team. But if everything is put in order, the stadium should be constructed by summer 2012 and be completed by at least the 2014 season.

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