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Ray McDonald Arrest Might Have Been Due To Police/DA Mixup

Ray McDonald was arrested early Wednesday morning after a traffic stop led to police discovering an outstanding arrest warrant for the 49ers defensive end. It appears as though the whole situation might have been due to a clerical error with either the DA's office or the police department.

McDonald was arrested and released a few hours later on a warrant related to his 2010 DUI arrest. The warrant was issued last August when records indicated McDonald had not provided proof he attended a mandatory first offender class. The $7,500 warrant was issued and police eventually caught up with McDonald on the traffic stop.

McDonald recently chatted with Matt Maiocco about the incident and it turns out, according to McDonald, he had completed the class and submitted the paperwork on time. The issue was cleared up after his arrest and he was released accordingly.

Given Aldon Smith's arrest two weeks ago for a DUI, a further arrest had 49ers fans a bit nervous about where the offseason was headed. This would seem to clear one issue off the plate. Given the error involved, McDonald would seem in a position to avoid being disciplined by the team or the league.