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Dashon Goldson Would Be Surprised If He Was Not Back With 49ers In 2012

49ers free safety Dashon Goldson chatted with The Rise Guys on 95.7 The GAME Thursday morning and discussed a variety of topics including the closing drive against the Saints, his thoughts on the Giants winning the Super Bowl and how Jim Harbaugh changed the environment in San Francisco. His most intriguing comments were about free agency and potentially returning to the 49ers.


Goldson told The GAME that the 49ers have told him they want him back and he also indicated that he would be surprised if he was not back with the 49ers this season. On the one hand, he might be looking to raise his own market value by showing other teams how much he is wanted. On the other hand, he likely knows the 49ers might very well elect to use the franchise tag on him, which just about assures he would return. He struggled to get a multi-year deal in free agency last year and will look for something similar in 2012.