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NFL Mock Draft 2012: San Francisco 49ers Pick Stephen Hill As Their New WR

The San Francisco 49ers have one big priority in their 2012 NFL Draft: Wide receiver. Everyone who watched the NFC Playoffs knows San Francisco had only one real receiving option down the stretch, and Vernon Davis is not going to be enough. Michael Crabtree and Josh Morgan could be a capable duo, but they aren't close enough to being the weapons the Niners need to make the offense just as potent as the defense.

Stephen Hill of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets is the choice. Draft Tek has more.

Hill's 6'5", 206 lb frame should be a nice compliment to the 49er offense - a big target to steal CB coverage from Vernon Davis, and he brings a willingness to block that fits in nicely with the running game Harbaugh has established in the Bay. Unforutnately, the blocking experience Hill received at GT cut into his route tree development as a WR. GT has produced some fine receivers of late (Calvin Johnson, and Demaryius Thomas) that suggests the NFL transition won't take that long. Hill has a well developed skill set in the form of athletic ability and straight speed, but he needs to work on his hands. He's an exciting player to watch, and provides a lot of big play ability (in 2011, his 30 ypc led the nation). But enough from me, if you want to see the exciting ball location and athletic playmaking ability Hill can bring, look no further than here.

Hill does seem to fit the physical profile the 49ers want to see from their receivers. He should also be useful in not just pass-catching, but also blocking downfield and helping the run game and short pass game from moving up. Seems like a perfect fit.

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