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Ray McDonald Arrest: DUI First Offender Class Reportedly At Center Of Warrant

49ers defensive end Ray McDonald was arrested at 2:00am Wednesday morning after police discovered an outstanding arrest warrant during a route traffic stop. McDonald was arrested and subsequently released at 7:00am.

According to reports, McDonald had a $7,500 arrest warrant issued in his name on August 9, 2011. The warrant was related to his 2010 arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence. In handling that case, McDonald was reportedly required to attend a first offender's class that anyone convicted of a DUI must take. The warrant was issued when he reportedly failed to submit proof that he attended the class. This indicates he either failed to submit the necessary paperwork for the class, or he simply did not attend the class.

At some point this will all be cleared up, with 49ers fans hoping it was simply a paperwork snafu, as opposed to blatantly disregarding the mandated DUI course. It appears to be something that can and should be resolved in the coming weeks.