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49ers Safety C.J. Spillman Shills Girl Scout Cookies, Assumedly To Help Fund New Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers are already making preparations to have a new stadium constructed in Santa Clara. A big part of that preparation involves actually bankrolling the project. Although they have received loans from the city in addition to the money being put up by partners and investors, Niners safety C.J. Spillman has taken it upon himself to assist with the project funding in a slightly more unorthodox manner.

Daughter selling girl scout cookies I got over 100 boxes what's good twitter?
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How much do Girl Scout Cookies normally cost? Like $20 for five Trefoils, right? I can only imagine how much money Spillman can pull in based on the allure of buying cookies from a pro football player. I know I'd pay at least five dollars extra for a box of Samoas signed by Jim Harbaugh. Especially if he drew a little frowny-face on it or something.

This is some diabolical business sense displayed by Spillman. That stadium should be funded by this time next week. Book this guy on The Apprentice, ASAP.

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