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2012 NFL Hall Of Fame Class: Charles Haley Denied Again

Former 49ers outside linebacker and defensive end Charles Haley once again came up short in his bid to earn enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The 2012 Hall of Fame class was announced, and after making the cut from the final fifteen to the final ten, Haley was unable to get into the final five.

Haley had a fairly gruff relationship with the media, so it is not entirely surprising that he has not made his way into the Hall of Fame. He is a deserving candidate, but when people make these decisions, sometimes personal feelings can get in the way. Haley is a deserving candidate with just north of 100 sacks. He was an absolute monster in the pass rush and as good as anybody at what he did. Add in his unprecedented five Super Bowl rings as a player and he deserves admission.

He will face some stiff competition as guys like Larry Allen and Michael Strahan join the ranks of eligible candidates.