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Pro Football Hall of Fame Class Of 2012: Former 49ers Owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. Doesn't Make Cut

As the 2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2012 finalists were cut down from 15 to 10, former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. did not make the cut.

It was thought that DeBartolo and Bill Parcells would battle for a spot in the top 10 and it seems that may be true as Parcells did make the cut. DeBartolo owned the 49ers from 1977-2000, a period in which the team won five Super Bowls. The team, from the early '80s into the '90s, was the winningest team in NFL history. DeBartolo is in the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame and in the 49ers Hall of Fame.

Parcells ended up not making the cut from ten to five and will be back to battle with Eddie DeBartolo in 2013. It will make for an interesting battle as non-players often have a difficult time getting in. Multiple non-players in the same year is a rarity in particular.

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