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VIDEO: Jerry Rice, Tony Gonzalez Reenact Pivotal Scene From 'Jerry Maguire'

The prevailing theory of comedy is that it is always funny when former NFL superstars put on wigs. Never one to shy away from a scientific examination of such tantalizing hypotheses, "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon invited Tony Gonzalez and San Francisco 49ers legend onto his show to reenact a classic scene from seminal football film "Jerry Maguire." Go beyond the jump to see what conclusion was reached.

I think the more surprising conclusion that we are forced to come to is that San Francisco's favorite receiver showed more range of human emotion than Renee Zellweger has in any film since "Jerry Maguire." I would like to see more of Rice and Gonzalez playing these characters, particularly if they can work in Bruce Springsteen's "Secret Garden" playing in the background.

Heck, I'd settle for any football players doing any scene from any Cameron Crowe movie. Let's get Tim Tebow and Troy Polamalu to do the "I'M INCARCERATED, LLOYD!" scene from "Say Anything." Let's get the full NFL on CBS morning crew to reenact the plane scene from "Almost Famous." Let's have Kurt Warner and Brett Favre do the "Sweet just ain't as sweet" exchange from "Vanilla Sky."

Let's just not have any of them buying a zoo for any reason, okay?

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