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VIDEO: Barack Obama Praises Vernon Davis, Doesn't Understand How To Pander To San Franciscans

President Barack Obama appeared at a fund raising event in San Francisco last Thursday and San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis was in attendance. Obama actually gave Davis a shout-out at the beginning of his speech, but unfortunately he only remembered one of the two key points you need to remember when trying to reference [local sports team]. See the video after the jump.

Yep, Obama got the cheers for referencing the hometown hero, but then immediately got the boo-birds coming out for suggesting that Davis should maybe come play for his favorite team, the Chicago Bears.

Let's review the simple, simple rules for getting an easy [local sports team] reference, shall we? These are pulled right from the White House's official ambassador guidelines, or whatever.

1. Reference local sports team and what they recently did that was great. Get team name/player name right. (This is important! Don't Biden it up!)

2. Do not -- repeat, do not -- suggest that the player for local sports team should go play somewhere else, for a competing or non-local sports team.

Oh, man! So close! Better luck next time, Mr. President.

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