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Stanford Routt Signs With Chiefs: Impact On 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have some big decisions to make with their group of free agents. They've got two defensive starters, a couple offensive starters, some key backups and multiple core special teams players with expiring contracts. More than anything, they'll need to focus on cornerback Carlos Rogers and safety Dashon Goldson.

There's plenty of options available, but that doesn't necesarrily make getting a deal done easier. They've got the option of the franchise tag, with Goldson costing just over $6 million and Rogers costing just over $10 million on those deals, respectively. More than likely, the 49ers will try and get them all signed to long-term contracts, and some pertinent news has changed the landscape of a potential deal with Rogers.

Over in Kansas City, the Chiefs signed cornerback Stanford Routt to a new deal, which means that Brandon Carr is set to hit free agency and is unlikely to be brought back. Even though this writer thinks Rogers is a much better corner, most teams believe Carr is more of a sure-thing and he could be the big-name free agent out there.

If it was down to Rogers and Routt, teams would likely try to get Rogers inked to a deal, making it harder to get things done for the 49ers. With Carr out there, the 49ers have a better chance to sign Rogers, but it also opens up the dynamic that San Francisco, you know, go after Carr. The cornerback market (along with the wide receiver market) are going to be intensely interesting once free agency begins, and the 49ers certainly have their options.