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Peyton Manning Reportedly Medically Cleared, San Francisco 49ers Still Unlikely To Pursue

For awhile, it looked as if Peyton Manning might not be able to get back to action and every play a snap of NFL football ever again. The Colts quarterback missed the entire 2011 NFL season, and with Indianapolis ending up with the worst record in the NFL, they now have the rights to the number one draft pick, which probably means they take Stanford signal-caller Andrew Luck. That probably means the end for Manning in Indianapolis and that he'd have to play the rest of his career elsewhere. You know, IF he has a rest of his career.

The latest news seems to indicate that Manning could very well play some more. That doesn't mean Manning is out of the clear. His arm is probably giving him more issues, which could endanger his ability to play. But it's still a better situation than where we were with Manning a few days ago.

Manning on the San Francisco 49ers has always been a fun rumor to ponder, but it's unlikely that Jim Harbaugh would go out and try and get him. Harbaugh is probably happy with the development he's gotten out of Alex Smith and is ready to stick witih him.

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