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NFL Mock Draft 2012: 49ers Select Arizona WR Juron Criner In First Round

The San Francisco 49ers are working on their offseason moves and looking forward to a stronger team in 2012. One thing that most analysts and evaluators can agree on is that the Niners can definitely use a wide receiver.

In their latest mock draft, Draft Tek 49ers analyst Tim Hudson suggests that the 49ers will look to the PAC-12 for assistance in the 2012 NFL Draft. Hudson suggests the 49ers will select Arizona Wildcats wide receiver Juron Criner in the first round, as the No. 30 overall pick.

I really can't see the 49ers targeting another position at #30. The need is profound and was evidenced throughout the entire season. When the 49ers needed a big pass play, they dialed up...their TE?! Sure the Patriots are bringing the two TE offense into vogue, but that pairing for Vernon Davis isn't available at #30, so the 49ers resort to selecting Juron Criner, the 6'2" 220lb Wildcat. Let's start with the bad: he's slow (around 4.6-40 slow), struggles to get off the jam, and comes from a pass happy offense (inflated numbers?). The good? Oh, there's plenty. Don't worry about the 40 time, he plays faster than the stopwatch. He also has outstanding ball vision, reliable hands, and he runs beautiful routes. His stock is running high after an impressive Senior Bowl, and would be an instant upgrade for the 49ers WR corps.

If there's one position that the 49ers absolutely have to upgrade, it is at wide receiver. With the No. 30 pick in the first round, Criner might be the best option still on the board at the time.

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