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San Francisco 49ers WR Freddie Solomon Dies Of Cancer

Freddie Solomon of the San Francisco 49ers died of cancer. Solomon is most famous for his contributions during the 1981-82 NFC Championship Game.

Former San Francisco 49er wide receiver Freddie Solomon passed away earlier this afternoon after a long battle with cancer. The Tampa Tribune reports more about the life of Solomon.

Solomon gets overlooked for much of his accomplishments, but he did a lot of important things during his time in the Bay Area. Solomon hauled in an average of 50 catches and about 14 to 15 yards per catch from the 1979 to the 1981 seasons.

But perhaps his most important contributions in San Francisco history came in the plays leading up to The Catch, a drive which has long defined the 49ers organization.

THE CATCH (1981 NFC Championship Cowboys 49ers) (via Krazy4Boots)

Solomon finished with six catches for 75 yards and a touchdown, with two of them coming on the final drive for 18 yards, plus14 yards on an end-around to get the Niners in position to score. Solomon was Joe Montana's first read on that drive, but Solomon slipped on the play, leaving Montana to find Clark in the back of the end zone to get the victory.

Some further details on Solomon.

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