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DeSean Jackson To San Francisco 49ers Not Likely To Happen

Almost everyone everywhere knows that the San Francisco 49ers need to upgrade at wide receiver. Their performance wasn't good enough in the playoffs to get them to the Super Bowl, and the receivers the Niners currently have probably won't be enough to win games in the future.

So what about DeSean Jackson? Jackson seemed to be coming off a tumultuous season with the Philadelphia Eagles where he struggled with inconsistency, a tough contract situation, and character concerns.

However, DeSean becoming a 49er in 2012 seems to be very unlikely at this point. Jeff McLane has this report.

The Eagles are going to franchise DeSean Jackson, count on it.

They will not let their Pro Bowl receiver - whose contract is set to expire - walk without getting something in return, according to NFL sources.

So that means the Eagles will do one of three things before March 5:

They will franchise Jackson and keep him for the 2012 season.

They will franchise and then trade him.

Or they will agree to a contract extension with the 25-year-old, an unlikely proposition at this point.

It makes sense that the Eagles aren't willing to part with their asset for nothing. DeSean is too much of a gamechanger to let him go and hope he doesn't end up burning you in the long-run. Jackson should be retained if at all possible.

Besides, there's no guarantee San Francisco would want DeSean even if he was available.

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