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Giants Vs. Falcons, Final Score: New York To Face Green Bay After Beating Atlanta

The San Francisco 49ers have their own divisional playoff matchup to worry about, but they have to be pleased that the team they would potentially face in the championship round should be battered up after a tough contest in Lambeau Field.

The New York Giants walked through the Atlanta Falcons to move onto a rematch with the Green Bay Packers. New York played Green Bay close the first time around, and with their defense starting to improve, they can probably give the Packers a run for their money and score a huge upset.

Obviously, the 49ers have to win their own football game on Saturday (and it's no gimmee against the New Orleans Saints) before they start caring about the result of the other contest. But you figure San Francisco would like to host the NFC Championship Game, so they'll be interested very much in whether the Giants can pull off the upset and ensure that the title game heads back to the Stick if San Francisco beats New Orleans.

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