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49ers Vs. Saints, 2012 NFL Playoffs: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston Head Up Announcer Team For Round 2 Game

The San Francisco 49ers now know that they will face off against the New Orleans Saints next Saturday in the second round of the 2012 NFL playoffs. The matchup was predicted by many, but that doesn't make the showdown any less exciting or anticipated.

According to Packey over at the indispensable Awful Announcing, the commentary team for next week's game between the Niners and the Saints will be play-by-play man Kenny Albert, color analyst Daryl Johnston and sideline reporter Tony Siragusa. Depending on how you feel about that team, you may want to opt to listen to the radio broadcast on KNBR or Sirius.

In all honesty, the mid-range of football announcers between Al Michaels at the "good" end and Joe Buck at the...other end is pretty much indistinguishable. I think we can all just be grateful that Buck and Aikman will be traveling to Green Bay on Sunday and won't be sullying the announce booth at Candlestick Park just yet.

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