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San Francisco 49ers Injury Report: Ted Ginn, Kyle Williams Return To Practice, Delanie Walker Recovering

The San Francisco 49ers need to have all hands on deck for their second-round opponent. Although they will probably be favored against two of the three teams they could possibly face, the more guys they have available for their first game, the better.

It's particularly important in the receiving corps, where the 49ers are pretty thin right now. When you get past Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis, San Francisco has the injured Ted Ginn Jr. and Kyle Williams next in line. The good news is that both are back in action. Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area reports that both are back in action. Having Ginn and Williams should allow the 49ers to run their whole offense and at least prove they can stretch the field rather than getting boxed in by opposing defenses.

The big question concerns Delanie Walker, a critical cog for San Francisco who is still struggling to return from a jaw injury. Walker's absence could really hamper the ground game that has been so essential for the 49ers in keeping their offense working.

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