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David Akers Talks About 49ers Red Zone Offense, His Records And More

One of the biggest reasons the San Francisco 49ers have been so good this year is place kicker David Akers. The guy has been money all season, and has set scoring records for the NFL and the 49ers franchise. Without him, the 49ers certainly wouldn't have the No. 2 seed in the NFL playoffs, and might actually not even be in the playoffs. He's been that good this year.

Sports Radio Interviews recently posted a transcript from Akers' recent appearance on 95.7 The Game with The Drive. Akers spoke to a lot of things, namely his choice to join the 49ers, his recent records, and the 49ers red zone offense. He brings up the best point about said red zone defense, namely the fact that, you know, the team is scoring points. It would be a different story if they were going for it and failing on fourth down, or perhaps turning it over with fumbles or picks. No, they're kicking field goals. Make the jump for that bit.

How have the 49ers improved in the red zone offense?

First off we are getting points in the red zone, which is at least better than a turnover or punting as you get down the field. Secondly I think sometimes a play here or there. A tipped pass or a run didn't go quite like you want or incomplete or dropped pass. Anything can happen then all of a sudden the defense gets momentum and you are out kicking a field goal. I think just executing on the plays that are being called at a higher proficiency is the key to getting more. I believe we are ranked pretty high as far as scoring in the red zone just not scoring touchdowns all the time and people say you are stalling, but again you are not punting. You are not turning the ball over. You are putting points on and ultimately if you are kicking three field goals and you win 9-7 it may not be the prettiest thing in the world, but all you need is one more point than your opponent and that's basically what we are looking for each and every week if you really break it down. I have been impressed with just how we have been moving the ball up-and-down the field and at times we don't get to punch it in and that's really why I have a job though, so selfishly it's been nice.

Check out the full transcript here.