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Pro Bowl 2012 Video: David Akers Converts His Second Onside Kick

Hey! All of you who aren't watching the Pro Bowl! You're missing out on some great action that could really make you yearn for the days of powderpuff flag football, because that's approximately how hard everyone is hitting each other in this one.

The San Francisco 49ers are helping out the NFC with some great plays from the unit that was generally the most consistent for them all season--their special teams. There's been some great punts by Andy Lee.

David Akers has been the story for 49ers fans in this one, with two big onside kicks to give San Francisco some big plays. You've already seen the first. Here's the second!

Even better for the 49ers, it was Brian Jennings (the 49ers long-snapper) who managed the recover. It's been a nice night for the 49ers special teams, who probably have been experiencing quite the rough week.

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