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Pro Bowl 2012 Video: Andy Lee Fake Punt Gets First Down

The Packers coaching staff is taking full advantage of their 49ers special teams players in taking a 28-21 lead in the 2012 Pro Bowl. In the first quarter, David Akers successfully executed an onside kick that led to a Larry Fitzgerald touchdown reception. They followed that up in the second quarter with a fake punt from Andy Lee.

On 4th and 3, the NFC was lining up for the first punt of the burgeoning shootout. Patrick Peterson lined up as the up-back and flared out to his right where Andy Lee lined up a perfect pass. Peterson scampered past the first down marker and out of bounds. The NFC eventually followed that up with a Greg Jennings touchdown. Given the nature of this game, every possession counts. And with $50,000 riding on winning the game, it is not surprising the NFC is pulling out all the stops. Considering the talent they have on special teams, why not?