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Aldon Smith Arrested: Smith Not Only 49er With DUI Problems

With the recent arrest for DUI in Florida for San Francisco 49ers’ Aldon Smith, he joins a few other teammates (and possibly coaches) in the ranks of committing this bonehead crime.

Current 49ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in San Mateo Country by California Highway Patrol back in June on 2010. He would be released an hour and a half later. McDonald would end up pleading not guilty.

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh has also had his unfortunate run in with the law, being arrested for DUI in San Diego when he was the coach of the University of San Diego. He would end up spending almost 8 hours in the Vista holding facility (aka drunk tank). Eventually he would plead guilty and accept the consequences of his actions.

Hopefully Aldon will take care of this properly and get back to focusing on football again.

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