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Anthony Dixon Wins A Trip To Las Vegas, Will Likely Be Disappointed

The San Francisco 49ers are attempting to enjoy their offseason and not dwell on the fact that they narrowly missed out on making it to the Super Bowl. Many fans assume that every NFL player lives a life of opulence and luxury in the spring and the summer, but Niners running back Anthony Dixon proved on Friday that it's still possible for NFL players to stop and enjoy the little, everyday winning a vacation to Las Vegas.

Dixon, who was drafted by the 49ers out of Mississippi State in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft, spent most of his playing time in 2011 on special teams. The Jackson, Mississippi native sent out the following tweet on Friday afternoon.

GOD is Good! I jus won a 3 day 2 nights vacation getaway to Vegas! I never been to Vegas! #WatchOutNow I get 2 guests also,hmm,who wanna go?
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It's good that Dixon is enjoying the trip so much. And honestly, who wouldn't be a little excited about winning a free trip? But it's kind of insane that this guy never managed to make it to Las Vegas while spending four years traveling the country racking up Mississippi State rushing records, or while spending two years flying all over the nation as a member of a professional football team...particularly when his home team is about a one-hour plane ride from Sin City.

Las Vegas is fun and all, but once you've experienced the life of a college football star and that of an NFL player, it's not likely to be anything too fantastic. But perhaps I'm buying into that whole illusion of the charmed life of the professional athlete. It's likely that Dixon will have a blast. I just wish I knew some more details, like where he'll be staying, or how he's planning on passing his time while there.

In my mind, he'll spend twelve hours or so on the Wheel of Fortune-themed slot machines, take in the cheapest buffet on the Strip in the musty and slightly creepy Excalibur, pose for a picture with the life-sized Toby Keith cut-out at "Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill" and then play some hands of $5 blackjack at "Toby Keith's I Love This Party Pit." (Both located at Harrah's.)

Because the one sure-fire way to enjoy Vegas is to be a really big Toby Keith fan.

Enjoy your trip, Anthony! I hear that Louie Anderson has a nightly show there!

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