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2012 NFL Mock Draft: San Francisco 49ers Select Wide Receiver Mohamed Sanu

The San Francisco 49ers have struggled to find a consistent passing game over the years and it may be time to use yet another first round pick on a wide receiver to bolster the unit. While some of the blame has to fall on Alex Smith for his inconsistent play, it's not exactly like anyone other than Vernon Davis stepped up in 2011. This latest mock draft from CBS Sports has San Francisco going with an under-the-radar wide receiver with the No. 30 overall pick.

Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers: The injury to Josh Morgan and relative disappointment that Michael Crabtree has been since being the 49ers' 2009 first-round pick makes wide receiver an area of concern. A prototypical receiver for the West Coast system, Sanu's size, physicality and toughness make up for a lack of elite speed.

Sanu ended his senior season with upwards of 1,200 receiving yards and seven touchdowns after beginning his career as a flex player of sorts. He did not receive as much exposure as other guys on the draft boards, but many feel he has the talent and work ethic to have a long, successful career in the NFL. He may not be the home run threat some teams are looking for, but that's not exactly the 49ers' style, either.

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