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2012 NFL Playoffs: Depressing 49ers Merchandise [Photo]

As if life isn't depressing enough for San Francisco 49er fans right now following a heartbreaking loss to the Giants on Sunday, websites like are around to remind you exactly what you are missing out on.

As they point out, the NFL customarily prints and manufactures hats, shirts, pennants and the like for both teams prior to the game so they can pass out SWAG for the players to celebrate in, on camera, afterwords. Seems like a nice marketing ploy. Naturally, one team inevitably loses, and several dozen people, somewhere on earth, get misleading clothing and merchandise.

As SportsLogos explains:

As with every major championship we here at SportsLogos.Net take great pride in posting the official merchandise produced for the unfortunate runner-ups of these championships, today we salute the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers and their almost championship victories.

As always, all of these products are indeed the official images produced by the official league shops in anticipation of an outcome different from what actually happened.

Click the link for photos of said merchandise, if you can bear it.