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AUDIO: Alex Smith Interview With 95.7 The Game

Alex Smith made one of his first public appearances since the NFC Championship Game with 95.7 The Game to talk about coming up short in the NFC Championship Game, and addressed multiple things, including the lack of production from his wide receivers, the crazy weather that plagued Candlestick on Sunday, and all

Click here for the link to the full audio of the radio interview. After the jump, here's a snippet of one sample question.

Smith was asked about the lack of success connecting with his wideouts, particularly Michael Crabtree.

It kinda surprised me, all of the sudden after the game I didn’t even realize that Michael had only one catch. He’s a guy that had been so productive for us, especially the second half of the season. Just had been so stable and every week making plays and getting things done so it shocked me. I didn’t even realize that he only had one catch. Really those guys weren’t even targeted that much outside and the balls weren’t coming their way for whatever reason. I don’t know. I don’t know if there is any one thing to explain that. Obviously that’s an area we need to improve because there were times they were challenging us outside and we have to be able to take advantage.

Indeed, Smith does have to be wondering about how far he can get with this corps of wideouts. The return of Josh Morgan should help this offense out, but the fact is the Niners need a gamechanging wide receiver to stretch the field and give Smith a chance to make bigger plays. Vernon Davis is great, but eventually he can't be the only guy that Smith is looking for. An offense can't thrive that way.

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