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NFL Mock Draft 2012: 49ers May Select Virginia Tech CB Jayron Hosley In Second Round

The San Francisco 49ers are now officially moving into their offseason following their loss in the NFC Championship Game. With the loss, the Niners will now have the No. 30 overall draft pick in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. The draft is fast approaching, so the 49ers will now be turning their attention to which prospects they will be selecting.

In their latest mock draft, Draft Tek makes a suggestion as to who the 49ers might select in the second round of this year's draft. Draft Tek analyst Tim Hudson believes that the Niners may target cornerback Jayron Hosley of the Virginia Tech Hokies in the second round. Here is what Hudson has to say:

The Draft Sim mocks Hosley to the 49ers defense for the second straight week. Despite 2 interceptions, the pass defense allowed 4 TDs and 462 yards and almost let the Saints take the playoff game. Enter the ball-hawk Jayron Hosley at the #62 pick in our DraftSim. His ball skills are like a wide-receiver (comes to the highest point of the pass) and he can match the breaks of NFL route runners. His tackling skills will need improvement, but he shows a willingness to provide the the run-support. His quick break, great hands, and sharp eyes project well as a zone corner to start, and with work on his jam and backpedal he can progress toward a cover corner. There are some durability concerns with his slight frame (172lbs at 5'10"). The larger concern is his lack of top speed, but Hosley could be a dangerous weapon in a defense that forces offenses to pass.

If there is any one aspect of the vaunted 49ers defense that can stand to be beefed up next year, it is the pass defense. Hosley may be a player worth keeping an eye on.

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