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49ers Vs. Giants Injury Update: Mike Iupati Ankle Hurt, But Should Play

The San Francisco 49ers suffered a tough early injury in the first minutes of the 2012 NFC Championship Game. The 49ers offensive line has been one of their strongest part, but after a rush by Kendall Hunter, Hunter went down on the right leg of Mike Iupati.


Chilo Rachal came in to take the place of Iupati when he went out for the rest of the first drive, while Adam Snyder moved over to left guard. But there does seem to be good news.

Iupati is one of the most impressive blockers for San Francisco especially in his young age, and his loss would definitely felt. If Iupati can come back and play effectively for the rest of this game, it'd be huge for the 49ers. It's still scoreless early in Candlestick Park.

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