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49ers vs. Giants, NFC Championship Game: BAD WEATHER WATCH DAY SIX

WEATHER WATCH, DAY SIX: We are here at Candlestick Park and it has been raining all week long. The Rain Gods must be Raiders fans, because they are literally doing everything in their power to make this the sloppiest NFC Championship Game in history. And with even more rain in the future, fans may want to invest in a $23 dollar poncho from the 49ers Team Store to stay nice and dry.

Saturday afternoon and evening does not look too bad, although the rain will be coming down once again beginning early Sunday morning. We'll take a look at the BAD WEATHER WATCH 2012 after the jump...

According to this neat little graph, there is a solid chance of showers until right around kickoff, when, naturally, it's supposed to start raining even harder. There's somewhere between a 40 to 60 percent chance of rain throughout the game and the field is already reportedly muddy and wet from the previous storms.

Regardless of the weather forecast, it should be a raucous atmosphere at Candlestick Park on Sunday afternoon. After all, I'd be pretty fired up too if I had a watered down beer and bad hair day.

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