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49ers vs. Giants NFC Championship 2012: Jim Harbaugh Discusses Offensive Line Preparation at Friday Press Conference

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San Francisco 49er head coach Jim Harbaugh took to the podium Friday afternoon at team headquarters, taking ome time to discuss the Niners offensive line as well as the importance of preparation for a week such as this.

What kind of confidence do you have in your offensive line and the challenge that they have?

"A lot. A lot of confidence in our offensive line. Both those groups, on both sides of the ball, defensive line and offensive line, have really been the tip of the spear for this football team. Both with their physical play, their attitude. It's been a team attitude. It's been a selfless attitude. That's why I say that. Probably haven't talked that much about the offensive line, just in terms of just how pleased we are with them. [T] Joe Staley, [C] Jonathan Goodwin, [G] Mike Iupati, [G] Adam Snyder, [G] Chilo Rachal, and [T] Anthony Davis and [T Alex] Boone has done a nice job. Those seven guys. We've talked about them as starters from the very beginning and they've all contributed in a big way for us this year."

Coach also was asked about the stomach bug that has been going around the Giants locker room lately, adding some interesting commentary on the situation:

There's been a stomach bug apparently going through the Giants. This time of year with so much at stake, you're not going to say you don't care that they might have some illness, but what's your reaction to that?

"We've had some bugs go around, too, this season. In fact, [CB] Chris Culliver last week at this time on Friday he didn't participate in practice. When I checked on him, he was in the training room in the doctor's office and he had a 100-and-some degree temperature. He looked like he would have had to die to get better. He got a great night's sleep that night. Came back on Saturday, got some I-V and some fluid in him. Even Sunday morning at the game, still feeling under the weather. Ended up adrenaline kicked in and he felt better by game time and ended up playing. There's a lot of things that these guys deal with that are like that. See if we can't boost his immune system for next season."

And in this video from, Harbaugh discusses how important preparation is when playing a team as talented as the Giants:

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