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49ers Vs. Giants, NFC Championship Game 2012: Michael Crabtree Discusses Team Goals, Giants Secondary

San Francisco 49ers wide out Michael Crabtree is ready to go to work this Sunday against the New York Giants at Candlestick Park, taking some time to discuss the team's blue collar attitude as well as his thoughts on some of the Giants secondary at a Friday press conference at team headquarter's in Santa Clara.

Did first playoff game go the way you expected it to?

"Yeah, it went how I expected, we won. I expected to win and to come out with the W."

Can you talk about the blue collar mentality of this team and how it's allowed you guys to be so successful?

"It's helped us. It's really helped us focus on the team. Anything to make the team better, everybody is doing - blocking, catching the ball, trying YAC, being a decoy. However you want to call it. We've just been doing our job."

What are your impressions of [Giants CB] Corey Webster as a player? What kind of problems does he give you on coverage?

"He's a good guy, great athlete. Their cornerbacks, I've seen them both running around, swarming around, trying to knock the ball out. Trying to do different things trying to get in your head. Like I said, when it comes to Sunday, it's just me against you. I'll do my best and I hope you do your best. We'll fight it out."

Do you think you have a big responsibility in this game on your shoulders?

"Every game. My responsibility is big every game because I'm a receiver. There's a lot on my shoulders to just go out and play. That's all I can tell you."


And in this video from, Crabtree discusses his personal numbers compared to the team's success:

King Crab will be on full display this Sunday at the Stick, the question will be whether or not the Giants secondary will be ready for him.

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