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49ers Vs. Giants, NFC Championship Game: Alex Smith Talks Wet Conditions, Pre-game Nerves

The San Francisco 49ers are eagerly awaiting their first NFC Championship Game in decades and just about every aspect of this game has been covered by now. With kickoff less than 48 hours away, quarterback Alex Smith met with the media on Friday and discussed a wide range of topics.

Alex, what can you do to prepare, or what should you do to prepare for wet conditions? If it's muddy, soggy, wet.

"Obviously, mentally get ready for it, but physically the nice thing is we got some weather yesterday. It was pretty dry today, but yesterday got some rain and you get a little practice with the wet-ball drill, handling wet balls. For the person who touches the ball every single play, handing it off and throwing. So, it's good practice."

Do you have some experience with some of that, some games you remember?

"Yeah, oh for sure. Obviously a lot of bad weather games in college and then through my career here. The one that stands out the most is that Seattle game. It dumped up there and ended up delaying the game because it rained so much."

Sometimes a quarterback is only as good as his offensive line. How much faith do you have in those guys in front of you, especially with the challenge that they have on Sunday?

"I've got a ton of faith in those guys. They've done it all year. We've faced these guys already and they did a great job that first game. They've got a lot on their plate. I think they understand that. I don't think there's a team that presents this kind of challenge. To have this many guys that can all rush the passer, I can't remember playing a team that had this many guys that can get after the quarterback. So, feel good about it though. It's going to be a challenge. Those guys have a lot on their plate and it's not just them, it's all of us, got to be a part of it, be a part of protection."

Such a big game. What are your nerves like? And how relaxed have you been just the last couple of days?

"I think all the guys feel better this week even more than last week. The bye week and the first playoff game maybe a little more anxiety there than maybe this week. I feel like this week, obviously guys know the stakes are high, but a little more back in the routine of things."


The Giants definitely have the edge in terms of experience in these big playoff games with the franchise just a few years away from their Super Bowl championship over the Patriots. As for the weather conditions, it is safe to say both teams will be prepared for wet conditions and the side that adjusts the best will probably come out ahead on Sunday.

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