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Super Bowl XLVI Odds: 49ers Favored Over Giants, Trail Patriots, Ravens

Even though there are still two conference championship games left to be played, the odds makers in Las Vegas are already preparing for the 2012 Super Bowl. With the 49ers, Giants, Patriots and Ravens all in the hunt for a ring, the betting lines have been set for potential matchups on February 5.

We have the numbers after the page jump...

The projected outcomes of Super Bowl XLVI:

New England Beats San Francisco 2/1

New England Beats New York Giants 3/1

Baltimore Beats San Francisco 9/1

Baltimore Beats New York Giants 15/1

San Francisco Beats New England 5/1

San Francisco Beats Baltimore 11/1

New York Giants beats New England 11/2

New York Giants beats Baltimore 12/1

It is interesting that most feel the 49ers will defeat the Giants on Sunday, although they do not give San Francisco much of a chance against the Patriots or Ravens. And as for the odds that one of the Harbaugh brothers meet up in Indianapolis?

0 9/5

1 5/7

2 9/2

Even if it would be a rematch, I don't think too many in the Bay Area would be unhappy if both brothers earned a bid to the Super Bowl. As a matter of fact, I think most would welcome it.

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