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49ers vs Giants, 2012 NFC Championship Game: Eli Manning Press Conference

Ed Valentine of the Giants blog Big Blue View shared parts of Eli Manning's press conference from Friday afternoon and Manning had some interesting things to say, addressing the matchup with the 49ers, his connection with his receivers, and his consistency as a quarterback.

Give it a read.

Q: How is the challenge different with a team like this compared to a team like the Jets? Things are simpler for the 49ers.

A: Probably so, but they're a good team. That's all. When you have good players, you have a good scheme and guys do their job correctly, are in the right spots and play fast you don't have to do a whole lot to be successful. Obviously they've proven that. They do a good job of stopping the run. They do a good job of getting turnovers, getting sacks. They make a lot of big plays on defense. Their offense builds off that, off short field position and scoring points. From an offensive standpoint we have to be very sound. Everybody's mechanics have to be perfect. We can't afford to make mistakes. That's what you see with their defense - a mistake on offense turned into a turnover for them, into a big play for them. So you have to eliminate their big plays on defense.

Q: Does Hakeem Nicks rolling his ankle set off an alarm?

A: No. Hakeem is going to be fine. He'll be ready to go.

Q: Is being consistent part of your personality? Chris Snee said you haven't changed since you first got here.

A: I don't think you're supposed to change. The reason that I had success, whether in high school or college, and had some success here in the NFL is you don't change your personality. You don't change whether you're having success or having tough times. You try to work hard, stay confident, support your teammates, be a good teammate and play the game the way it should be played. We have a lot of fun, obviously Chris Snee [and I] have been here a long time, came in the same year, were roommates on the road my rookie year for a little bit - both were pretty quiet people at first. Both of us probably talk a little bit more now than we did that first year - to each other and to our teammates. It's been a fun run and the objective is not to change, maybe get more comfortable, understanding your offense and your role as a teammate and as a guy who's been around a few more years, but you try to never change your personality.

For the rest of the presser, make sure to head over to Big Blue View. For more news and notes on the 49ers, head over to Niners Nation.