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49ers vs. Giants, NFC Championship Game: Greg Roman Discusses Offensive Schemes, Rainy Conditions On Sunday

The San Francisco 49ers know they have a big test coming this weekend against the New York Giants, and while the team was able to come away with a regular season victory in week 10, they will take nothing for granted in the NFC Championship Game. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman recently addressed the media and discussed a various range of topics.

Typically when you play a team twice, how many plays in the game plan stay the same?

"Oh geez. You know with us, you never can tell. That's very specific to the opponent. Certainly plays that didn't work, you probably aren't going to see again. Or you might. If there was a simple reason that you can fix, ‘Hey, this play would be great if we only did this,' you might see it. But, then again, you might just throw it in the trash.

"How would you evaluate [WR Michael] Crabtree's season so far? Is he your number one receiver?

"He is. I think Michael's doing a great job. There's probably a couple of plays in that last game that he'd like to have back, but there's stacks of them that we're very thankful he made. He saved Christmas in Seattle. He competes hard. Michael is doing a great job. Expect big things out of him.

"As we sit here on Thursday, do you formulate a plan of what will work and what wouldn't work if the conditions are bad and the field is sloppy?

"I think a little bit. You try to play the game in your head all week and when you have bad weather, you just picture that field all mudded up. You start going through contingencies in your mind. There's no doubt, you have to."

Who gets the advantage in poor conditions?

"I think the receivers probably have an advantage on the defensive backs because they know where they're going and the defensive backs have to react. So, if the footing is poor, the advantage is for the offense. On the same token, though, running backs can't hit a whole or can't make a cut that they usually would, so advantage defense. I think it works both ways."


The reoccurring theme this week seems to be whichever team adjusts to the rainy conditions the best will have a big advantage on Sunday. Michael Crabtree also needs to step up this week; the Giants (before last week, anyway) have typically struggled against the passing game on defense. Crabtree has the ability to be a dynamic force along with Vernon Davis.

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