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49ers Vs. Giants, 2012 NFC Championship Game: More Angles Covered

The Giants and 49ers have exchanged words throughout the week leading up to the NFC Championship game, with S Antrel Rolle barking loudest from New York. The banter has added another wrinkle to what many are viewing as the renewal game of one of the league's best traditional rivalries.

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated has offered up his preview of the game, and it's a compelling read that dissects three angles that will play a role in Sunday's outcome. Burke highlights the pass rush of both teams, but notes that the Niners have struggled to protect their own quarterback more than the Giants have. He also addresses how the Giants may attempt to cover TE Vernon Davis, as well as the impact Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw will have on the game.

With kickoff now less than 72 hours away, each team is entering the final stages of game preparation, and Sunday has the makings of a physical, exciting clash by the Bay.