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Madden NFL 12 Roster Updates: Justin Smith Gets 99, Carlos Rogers Gets 90 For 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers came through in the clutch and beat the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Now, the latest roster update for Madden NFL 12 is set to come out on Friday, and of course, the 49ers are getting some big boosts. There's 21 changes overall for the 49ers, and 16 of those changes have to do with player rating. Of those, 15 of them are player increases, so that's always a good thing. That also means there's one decrease.

And what a decrease it is. Donte Whitner is dropping from 87 to 86 for some reason I can't possibly comprehend. Much of the buzz following the game was about Whitner's physical play and how he really changed the game for the 49ers. Either way, there's some good news as Justin Smith reaches the coveted 99 overall rating, and Alex Smith gets another bump. Let's make the jump for a full list of changes.


QB Alex Smith 85 to 86
FB Bruce Miller 75 to 76
TE Vernon Davis 94 to 96
TE Justin Peelle 66 to 68
OL Joe Staley 87 to 88
OL Mike Iupati 89 to 91
DL Justin Smith 98 to 99
DL Ricky Jean Francois 70 to 72
LB Aldon Smith 87 to 88
LB Parys Haralson 84 to 85
LB Ahmad Brooks 81 to 82
CB Tarell Brown 80 to 81
CB Carlos Rogers 89 to 90
S Dashon Goldson 83 to 84
S Colin Jones 63 to 64


S Donte Whitner 87 to 86


S Colin Jones Revo Robot 2 Facemask
QB Alex Smith undershirt removed, remove right wristband
S Reggit Smith needs a Schutt Helmet
TE Justin Peelle needs a revo robot 2 facemask
LB Aldon Smith needs a clear visor