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49ers Vs. Giants: Joe Biden Mistakenly Reps New York At San Francisco Rally

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

With both San Francisco and New York representing professional sports teams named the 'Giants,' it's easy to get a bit tongue-tied when talking about the NFC Championship game this year. But while speaking at an event in the financial district in San Francisco, Vice President Joe Biden certainly picked the wrong time to exclaim: "the Giants are going all the way!" to those in attendance. Hopefully he's just a big baseball fan.

Biden was booed by some in the crowd when he made the ill-timed mixup according to some in attendance, while speaking at a President Obama re-election rally with his wife. Biden was quick to notice the mistake, saying that he was used to talking about the Black and Orange and quickly changed his tune to the 49ers.

At least this isn't the first time the Vice President has made a bit of a gaffe in public.