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2012 NFL Postseason Shares: How Much Do 49ers Players Earn In The Playoffs

As the San Francisco 49ers continue to advance in the playoffs, there are financial incentives as well. Not only do the players want to win, but they also take home a nice lump of cash for their efforts each week. After some digging, CSN Bay Area came up with some figures for what each player earns for making various rounds of the playoffs.

The best part? Regardless if you're the star quarterback or only a special teams guy, you earn the same amount for playing in the game. We have the dollar amounts after the page jump...

In the wild card round, the division winners earn $22,000 each, while the wild card players earn $20,000. In the Divisional Round, everyone earns $22,000 for playing. In the Conference Championship game, players take home $40,000 win or lose.

Should the teams be fortunate enough to play in Super Bowl XLVI, the members of the winning team each get $88,000, while the losers only get $44,000. You also get a ring for winning the game and a free trip to see Mickey Mouse, which is always fun.

As for the Pro Bowl, the winners get $50,000 to play an exhibition game, while the losers take home $25,000.

Here's the big question for me: where do I sign up to play?